Hello, my name is Heather. I'm a 19 year old illustration student at a certain art & design university in Toronto. This is a blog dedicated to my sims game.

I have a resources page if you have a WCIF, but feel free to send me a pm if you're having trouble finding something you've seen in my pictures. I also have a building blog here.

Do you have defaults of your bowling lane? It doesn’t match perfectly in my game but in mine they’re much closer to the same than in your pics. Beyond that, maybe you could pull the wood texture off the bowling lane in SimPE & make a floor of it.
I definitely don’t have any defaults for objects in my game.
The best solution seems like it would be to make the flooring invisible for the bowling alley, kind of like the basketball hoop from FT? Then the amount of lighting used in the bowling alley wouldn’t cause it to look so different from the floor used. I don’t know how to do that though, so unless someone wants to do it for me I’ll just live with it.
30 September 2014
I think there’s a Maxis wood floor that matches it, iirc.
That’s the one in the picture, actually. It doesn’t do a very good job of matching.

Let the teens play outside in the snow, and managed to give all of them frostbite an hour before they needed to leave for work.

Completed my rotation for the Millet family, so back to the Alders.
Birch found a boyfriend.

Completed my rotation for the Millet family, so back to the Alders.

Birch found a boyfriend.

29 September 2014

Added a bowling alley to Northmill. The townies have a bit of a tendency to cluster around the bowling lanes, but I’m fairly happy with how it turned out.

I just wish the bowling alley floor actually matched the object. Anyone know of a recolour that matches better, or makes the wood part invisible?

28 September 2014

withlovefromsimtown said: I think that’s one of the Tricou-related Downtownie Teens, isn’t it? Is she wearing a default replacement?

I don’t think I have a default replacement version of that outfit in my game, but I could be wrong.

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